NERICA project of ADB: rewarded by the American finance

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For the nth time, the « Development Impact Honors » prize, has once again encouraged the application of the highest standards regarding development, by rewarding exemplary projects undertaken by multilateral banks of development.

And among these projects, appeared the New Rice for Africa (NERICA) of the African Development Bank (ADB) that won a prize of the American Finance department during a ceremony last Wednesday in Washington, USA.

We should specify that this project was selected among 29 projects submitted by various Multilateral Development Banks (MDB).

And it is the third consecutive year when a project of the ADB won a prize of the American Finance.

A prize that intends to consecrate excellence in the conception and the realization of projects and to show the range of work that the Multilateral Development Banks (BMD) is carrying out within communities, countries and regions, in favor of the poorest populations.

« The NERICA project allowed to increase the production on a national scale and to improve food safety in seven countries of West Africa: Benin, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Mali and Sierra Leone« , indicated the secretary of the Finance, Jacob J. Lev.

The ADB vice-president in charge of finances, Charles Boamah, on behalf of his president, Donald Kaberuka, received the prize awarded to the Bank.

On this occasion, Charles Boamah found it necessary to underline how much the NERICA contributed to the radical changing of livelihoods and the improvement of food safety of the inhabitants of the region.

« According to a low estimation, the production of NERICA rice all over Africa moved from 200 000 to 800 000 hectares. The project benefited to 1 320 farmers groupings among which 1 056 were groupings of women« , he specified.


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