HOUINYIGAN 2014: Gervais Djondo among the nominated!

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Every two years and since the year 2000, Togo has been paying tribute to its daughters who marked the social life of the country. For the 8th edition of the HOUINYIGAN biennial prize that will be held on the coming 2nd August in Lomé, Afri-Muse, the organizing association of the event announced several innovations. « Model Fathers » will be associated to the brave women of the Country.

In a press conference on 23rd July 2014 in Lomé, Afri-Muse revealed to the press with the list of the nominated in the categories HOUINYIGAN and « Model Fathers ». According to the explanations of James François Djondo, chairman of Afri-Muse, the association of men to the event answers a matter of equity. « You all know that the development of a country is not the concern of women only. Thus, next to women, we need men« , he explained.

Among the nominated for the category of « Model Fathers » appears the chairman of the Pan-African air company, Asky, Gervais Djonado. The Togolese businessman is also a honorary president of the Ecobank group of which he is a co-founder. His company received during the year 2014, the prize of the best airline company of Africa.

We should remind that at first, Houingnigan was a feminine prize intended to honor women of any social category who work or who worked for the development of Togo and the whole Africa.

List of the nominated in the catégory «Model Fathers»

Honorable His Excellence, Mathias Ayivi Mawuko AJAVON

Honorable Paul Yawo Amétéfé ASSAGBA

Honorable Komla AGBESSI

Honorable Samuel Kokougan APALOO

Honorable Jean Yaovi DEGLI

Honorable Gambetta Kwami AZOUMA

Honorable Messanvi Ablodévi EKLU-NATHEY

Honorable Feu Hubert KPONTON QUAM-DESSOU

Honorable Alphonse Batoké AWESSO

Honorable His Excellence, president Nelson Mandela

Honorable His Excellence, Gervais DJONDO

Honorable His Excellence, Edem KODJO

Honorable  Raimond TETTEKPOE

Honorable His Excellence, Bishop Robert Casimir DOSSEH-ANYRON


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