Ivory Coast: A’Salfo revealed the secret of his success to the youth

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Talent, personality, charisma, A’Salfo has everything to be an opinion leader and a model for the youth worldwide.

Presenting a conference organized last Friday by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) within the framework of the 5th edition of the Youth World Camp in Yamoussoukro, ivory Coast, the vocal leader of the Magic System Group invited the youth to « perseverance and self-abnegation at work« .

During this big meeting that gathered more than 1500 young people at the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Foundation, Human Rights Ambassador in Ivory Coast delivered a captivating speech tracing back his career path.

« Faith and humility« , these are qualities having allowed the Ivory Coast music star to reach his goals, rather, to be successful.

Apart from the conference, Traoré Salif alias A’Salfo took part in workshops with themes concerning problems of the youth. Established in about 136 countries worldwide working for supervision, care and insertion of young people, the IYF world camp is the key event of the NGO IYF.

In other words, it is a global village built and inhabited by young people from the whole world that meet over a given period for sharing and total communion within the framework of exchanges based on a sociocultural and educational melting pot and the learning of solidarity and voluntary service.


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