Claude Grunitzky: the Togolese is launching holding True after Trace TV

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Claude Grunitzky

The Togolese, Claude Grunitzky is a serial entrepreneur. The man whose name refers to a former head of State of his country of origin, is taking a new adventure having for ambition, the creation of a company 100 % African in the field of the new technologies. In order to achieve his goal, Claude Grunitzky set up two start-ups; True Africa and True Mobile that represent his True holding company.

His realizations are more famous than his name. If very few people know the one who is behind the name Claude Grunitzky, they are rather millions to follow the program on Trace TV for which he is the founder. The Togolese is also the owner of the Magazine Trace and the communication agency, True based in New York.

His new objective is the conquest of Africa. « True Africa has for ambition to federate entrepreneurial talents all over Africa by beginning from Togo. True Mobile, managed by my French-Senegalese partner, David Ly, creates mobile applications for African companies. Our very recent realization is the application for Seneweb, the first Senegalese Web site« , declared the American businessman of Togolese origin.

Born on 28th February 1971, Claude Grunitzky is a son of a Togolese diplomat. He made his primary studies in Togo before flying for the USA. After obtaining his high school diploma in France, he succeeded the admission examination in Faculty of political science Paris. But it was finally at the University of London that he will make his economy and Finance studies. The Togolese is also a holder of a MBA of the prestigious Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Claude Grunitzky wrote several books among which Jam (1996 ), Transculturalism: How The World Is Coming Together (2004), 10 Years of Trace (2007) and Transculturalismes (2008).

The businessman is also a board member of Humanity in Action, an international association aiming to protect minorities and promote human rights.


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One thought on “Claude Grunitzky: the Togolese is launching holding True after Trace TV

  1. Our continent needs these kind of people that have a vision for Africa. Not to change the constitution to stay after 20 or 30 years in power. Claude is an example for Africa i.e create companies or businesses that can create jobs for youth. I’d like to have Mr. Claude contact if possible. He is one of people we really need in Africa.

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