Global Peace Index 2014: Tunisia ranked 72th over 162 countries

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Tunisia raised itself to an upper rank by appearing in the category of countries having a high global peace index being far ahead of the United States of America. Indeed, the Institute of Economy and Peace (IEP) has just published the Global Peace Index 2014.

A world ranking of countries according to their pacifism and according to the data, the Scandinavian countries massively appear in the top 10 with Iceland as the most peaceful country in the world.

The calculation of the global peace index focuses on 22 varied indicators as homicide rate, militarization level of the concerned society and the prison population of a country.

Each of the indicators is affected by a ranking from 1 to 5 representing the answers to the question the indicator assures the measure.

The manager of the Institute of Economy and peace, Mrs. Camilla Schippa, declared that « the major economic and geopolitical problems, as the financial crisis and the Arab Spring, urge affected countries to face conflicts« .

Morocco, the only country of the Maghreb not having major conflict since 2011, is classified 63rd, whereas Tunisia is 72nd over 162 countries ranked by the IEP.

Among the least peaceful countries, appears Russia in the 152nd position, essentially because of its strong implication in Ukraine whereas Syria is considered as the least peaceful country in the world with a conflict always growing worse since 2011.

The United States, the first world power, is in its turn ranked in the 101st position.

We should underline that the Institute of Economy and Peace is an international research institute founded in 2007. It has offices in New York, the United States and in Sydney, Australia.

Its works are dedicated to the promotion of a better understanding of keys factors having something to do with peace and the identification of the economic advantages the increase and strengthening of peace can bring worldwide.


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