Mohammed VI: his country already part of the community of « emerging countries »

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« Our model of development reached a maturity level that authorizes us to deserve a place in the community of emerging countries« , claimed King Mohammed VI on Wednesday who expressed himself on the occasion of the « celebration of the Revolution of the king and the people« .

This declaration from the sovereign prince strengthens the critical speech centered on the social that he held at the end of July during his 15th enthronement anniversary.

He declared that his kingdom was committed to join the club of « emerging countries » and the coming years will « be decisive » in order to meet this « historical meeting ».

According to King Mohammed VI, the national economy got a deep change in its structure and a big diversification in its productive sectors.

What helped the country during these recent years to realize « a high and constant growth rate (…) in spite of the effects from the world crisis », he estimated.

He has to his credit, the development of infrastructures, an improvement of the business climate, the creation of « competitive poles » and « the development » of the renewable energies.

Should we remind that during this last decade, Morocco put a lot in the constitution of big industrial poles, particularly in the automobile (Tanger-Melloussa) or the aeronautics (Casablanca-Nouaceur).

Statistics are not less flattering. With a population estimated at 35 million, in spite of the economic crisis that shook its main partner, Europe, Morocco got these recent years, growth rates between 2 % and 5 %.

From more than 7 % in 2012, the public deficit was brought to 5,5 % in 2013 and if everything moves well, it will come back under the bar of the 5 % in 2015.

Nevertheless, the country has been facing a massive unemployment in the youth, about 30 % against 10,2 % over the whole population.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME
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