Promotion of local products: SIALO launching «GIZ/ProDRA» innovation award

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Introduced in 2013 during the second edition of the Food-processing Industry International Fair of Lomé (SIALO), the GIZ / ProDRA innovation award aims at the valuation of local foodstuffs. The application for the second edition of the competition is opened and registrations continue until 2nd September on the official site of SIALO.

The competition of GIZ / ProDRA innovation award 2014 is opened to exhibitors of the Food-processing Industry International Fair of Lomé (SIALO). The non-exhibitors can also participate in the second prize and win a stand equipped for the promotion of their products for the SIALO 2015. An envelope for 1.500.000 FCFA is kept for the first prize-winner.

In 2013, the cashew nut juice by the APCR association from Tchamba (Togo) and the onion jam from NIGER were the innovative processed foodstuffs.

Any of you interested in this competition are asked to get the application form at the CENTAURE COMMUNICATION secretary office or at its partners as following:

– PRODRA / GIZ in Lomé, Tsévié and Sokodé

– OADEL at Bè Beach,

– At the Vitrine Produits du Terroir, Avenue Jean Paul 2, Nukafu, and

– At all regional agencies of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Togo

The application form to be downloaded on the site:

– If you are a SIALO exhibitor and Togolese actor, you can be the great winner of the 1st prize of the GIZ / ProDRA innovation award for an amount of 1.500.000FCFA. The winner has to allocate this financial resource to a project of an activity of promotion (participation in a fair, communication…) or to a project of an investing activity in his company (logistics, packaging, training, purchase of inputs…)

– If you are not a SIALO exhibitor and you wish to participate in this competition, you can win the 2nd prize of innovation « CENTAURE » with free provision of a stand built and decorated at the 4th edition of the Food-processing Industry International Fair of Lomé (19th to 23rd August 2015) and the promotion of your products during the Food-processing Days of Regions (JAR 2015).

The application files containing

– The application form fully filled with a ID photo,

– The summary of your project (promotion or investment) and

– 3 samples of the product; either a presentation of the technology or a data sheet of the service

Must be deposited the latest on 2nd September 2014 at 5:00 pm at the withdrawal places.


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