Diangani Watezwa: His full-length film on AIDS released in Pretoria

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The Congolese film-maker, Toko Diangani Watezwa proceeded on 22nd August 2014 to the official release of his full-length film « Le Sida est une réalité » in South Africa. As its title indicates it, the movie of 90 minutes makes sensitive on the HIV / AIDS with a particular touch. The director, profoundly attached to his christian culture, tried to tackle the question on a religious plan.

For the shooting of the movie « Le Sida est une réalité« , Toko Diangani Watezwa used a dozen of actors of several nationalities. One of the main roles of the movie is played by the Congolese, Hortensia Nyange. The latter is shared between the instructions of her pastor to choose a husband within the church and her love for a man who is not a member of her religious community.

« In the movie, I am a rich single young businesswoman who supports her church. After a long journey abroad, I meet a man who got engaged to me and suggested of marrying me. One day during a meeting in the church, the pastor raises awareness of the believers about AIDS. And he invites them to consume at house, i.e. to get married within the church« , she told on Radio Okapi.

After Pretoria (22nd August), «Le Sida est une réalité » will come out in Montréal, Paris and Kinshasa.

Coming from a religious family, Toko Diangani Watezwa is a Bachelor’s degree holder at the Pédagogie Mbanza Ngungu National University. Fascinated by theater, he uses it as an evangelization tool. In 2002, Watezwa landed in South Africa and brought out his first christian movie. He afterward created Watezwa Films, an audiovisual production establishment specialized in realization, promotion and distribution of christian and educational movies, commercials, documentaries as well as video clips.


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