Nigeria: reintegration of 16.000 dismissed doctors

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It is a praiseworthy decision the Nigerian government has just made. More than 16.000 doctors dismissed further to a strike action, were called back on Friday.

Dan Nwomeh, Spokesman of the Ministry of Health, confirmed the reintegration into the medical work forces.

Doctors were dismissed on 13th August 2014 « having gone on strike launched by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) ».

Besides, Mr. Nwomeh declared that government also restarted the Training Program in the governmental hospitals in order to help doctors to become medical consultants.

« The (federal) government calls on the doctors to consider this rehabilitation as a sign of willingness in order to put more craze and devotion in their missions« , he added.

In Nigeria, resident doctors represent 70 % of all medical employees of governmental hospitals.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME
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