Sportsmen Oscars Night: Benin rewarding 22 of its best sportsmen

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Twenty two among the best Beninese sportsmen will be rewarded on 7th September 2014 in Cotonou, the economic capital town of Benin in the framework of the 5th edition of the Sportsmen Oscars Night.

Among the prize-winners appeared 14 active people, 4 former 4 celebities and 4 others specially identified for their talents and contribution brought to the development and the visibility of the Beninese sport.

According to Farouk Soumanou, director of the National Fund for Development of the Youth, Sport and Leisure Activities (Fndajsl), « this evening will not only allow to reward the best Beninese sportsmen, but also to arouse a winning spirit in other young sportsmen and to urge them to do more every season in order raise higher the banner of the national sport« .

The latter underlined that the Sportsmen Oscars Night is a solemn moment of the gratitude to sport excellence and merit.

« This gratitude is expressed towards managers and sympathizers of sport, towards athletes and to personalities having contributed to the promotion and the development of sport in Benin during the season« , noted Mr. Soumanou


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