3rd edition of Voix des mômes festival: show for children in prison

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The third edition of the « Voix des mômes » festival was officially launched on Friday, 29th August 2014 in Ougadougou. The Innovation of this edition is the particular importance granted to children in conflict with the law. Indeed, an acting studio forum is planned for the minor prisoners in the Detention Center of Ouagadougou (MACO).

The colors of the 3rd edition of the Festival Voix des mômes were announced on Thursday with a parade that walked up and down the streets of the capital town of Burkina Faso.

Organized by the « Wécré Théâtre » association the event got the the participation of more than hundred children and French partners. The reproduction of the children’s skills applied to the artistic and cultural practice, a street haggles, games for children, exhibitions, and artists’ performances are some of activities in the program of the festival.

For this year, an acting studio forum is planned for the minor prisonners in the Detention center of Ouagadougou. This new activity in the program of the festival is justified by the will of the organizers « to teach to these children public-spiritedness so that they know that what they are doing can lead them to good situations. »

We should remind that except the children in detention, the other participants in the festival are not necessarily needy persons.

« They are neither disadvantaged nor poor children as people believe it. They are children who come from normal families with no problem at all. It is our help for the children who are interested in art« , specified the committee.


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