Faso Kombat: Divorce between David and Malkhom


Whispers become fact. The duet David-Malkhom came to an end. The famous Faso Kombat group of Burkina Faso is separated. The divorce is henceforth granted between two members of the musical group.

It was Peace Malkhom who confirmed the dislocation of the group in the columns of the cultural weekly, Evasion. « It is finished but we are not fight each other« , he launched.

« The end of the musical adventure of the duet is henceforth confirmed and every member of the duet is now going to evolve solo« , added the latter.

We should remind that the dislocation of the group was announced many times but denied afterward by the duet.

According to corresponding sources, Malkhom would be about to finalize his very first solo album.

This Rap music duet of Burkina Faso, nevertheless brought out in 2013, an album entitled « Zem-Zem », appreciated a lot by music lovers as their previous works.

The former group made up of Peace Malkhom and David has more than 10 years of existence and won in 2011, the Kundé d’or, one of the greatest awards for music artists of Burkina Faso.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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