Fixed telephony: Algeria giving way to competition!

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Algeria is getting ready to open its telephony market to other operators. The Algerian Minister of post office and technologies, Zohra Derdouri indicated during a press briefing the possibility of liberalizing the sector of telephonies. Algeria Telecom, the sole operator regarding fixed telephony is ready to face the arrival of competitors.

« At present, there is in Algeria only one operator of fixed telephony; we hint at Algeria Telecom (AT, public). We want to create real competition conditions by installing one or several other operators for the fixed phone« , indicated the Minister. For the latter, the liberalization of the sector will create « a real competition climate. »

Apart from the fixed telephony, other mobile phone operators can also be added to the three existing operators on the market (Mobili, Djezzy and Ooridoo). The initiative of the Algerian government is the beginning of a revolution in Africa. Almost all African States have the monopoly of the fixed telephony. Such is the case of Togo, Mali, Niger or Benin.

In order to face the competition, Algeria Telecom made a commitment in a modernization policy of its services. « Our objective is to improve the conditions of welcoming the citizen and the quality of the services that are provided to them« , indicated the managing director of the company.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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