Palam: reducing poverty in Chad by literacy

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Literacy is the foundation of any education, any training and any later learning.

It thus allows the profitable populations to acquire knowledge, competence, attitudes and necessary values to build a livable and viable world.

With this assertion, the Chadian State Minister of Education in charge of fundamental education and literacy, Mrs. Albatoul Zakaria just launched an ambitious project called « Palam« .

According to this latter, it is a project for literacy and learning professions that aims at reducing poverty in the vulnerable society strata.

« This project will be an excellent driving force for the access to a quality literacy and will contribute to the improvement of the living and learning conditions for the disadvantaged persons« , supported Mrs. Zakaria

The project got support of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

So, 12 million USD or 6 billion FCFA will be put in contribution « to take into account the needs of children that stopped school or not schooled and the rural working women« .

The Chadian government and the IDB will respectively have to provide 12,8 % and 87,2 % of the indispensable sum.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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