Fifa ranking: Algeria, the first football nation of Africa

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FIFA (International Federation of Football association) revealed on Thursday its new ranking. The beginning of the eliminating heats of the CAN 2015 upset the African ranking particularly with a nice progress of Cape Verde and Congo that respectively gained 33 and 30 positions.

Algeria (20th in world ranking) is still first in Africa, followed by Ivory Coast (22nd in world ranking). The podium is completed by Tunisia that progressed by 11 positions and is classified 31st in world ranking. Ghana (33rd in world ranking) is the 4th on the continent followed by Senegal that also took advantage of its two victories in eliminating heats. The Lions of Teranga are 36th in world ranking.

Nigeria lost 4 positions in this new ranking and is classified 6th in African ranking. Nice progress for Cape Verde that gained 23 positions (7th in African and 41st world rankings). Followed respectively by Cameroon, Guinea and Burkina Faso that completed the African Top 10.

Congratulation to Congo that progressed by 30 positions (11th African and 48th world rankings). In the ranking of the losers, Egypt that felt by 23 positions (13th African, 61st world rankings), Sierra Leone lost 25 positions (17th African, 75th world rankings) and Togo, felt by 38 positions (35th African, 125th world rankings)

African Top 10 in the world ranking:

1- Algeria 20th

2- Ivory Coast 22nd

3- Tunisia 31st

4- Ghana 33rd

5- Senegal 36th

6- Nigeria 37th

7- Cape Verde 41st

8- Cameroon 42nd

9- Guinea 48th

10- Burkina Faso 48th


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