Djibril Ouattara: from moov Togo to Airtel Niger

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Djibril Ouattara will not be jobless. The former general manager of Moov Togo, a mobile telephony company of the United Arab Emirates Etisalat group, is henceforth at the head of Airtel Niger, a subsidiary of the Indian Bharti group. He has for mission to revitalize the operations of his new company.

He left Togo as at the time his former company is condemned for a heavy fine by the post offices and telecommunications regulation authorities (ART&P) that blamed it for the non-compliance with its commitments. And nevertheless his management at the head of Moov Togo revolutionized the use of mobile phone in Togo. Supervised by Djibril Ouattara, Togo entered in the mobile bank with Flooz. This service, the first of the kind in the country, allows the subscribers of Moov Togo to do money transfers and purchases via their phones.

Djibril Ouattara also participated in the Internet demythologization in Togo. Under his mandate, Togolese benefited for the first time from low-cost internet fixed prices (up from 200 FCFA). Moov Togo has become over time the mobile network of the young people connected in the country and offer every year the huge shows with new generation artists.

At the moov users, people have good press.

« Moov is reputed for its studied rates. It is not very affordable but it is better regarding competitors. We hope the new manager will do it better« , delared us Jules, a subscriber of the network.

« The management of this company understands its customers, just considering the products they propose to us. They are all adapted to our needs and facilitate us life« , added another user.

  Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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