Kenyatta: stop to foreign aid, relying on resources of the continent


Africa abounds in enormous natural resources and mattering human resources for its self-development. And it is necessary to think of exploiting them rationally to the detriment of foreign aid.

It is the call launched by the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta towards African peoples particularly his counterparts, during the Rising Africa forum (promising Africa) in New York of which he was invited as guest of honor and panelist.

According to Mr. Kenyatta, « although most of the African States obtained their independence more than five decades ago, many do not yet free their mind« .

He regrets the fact that « a majority of Africans always look for help from outside while they live on the richest continent of the world« .

The potential of the continent in human resources is more valuable than its natural resources, esteemed the president.

« We have to change our minds. We have a big potential of human resources. We have to draw from the talents of our peoples« , he launched.

Kenyatta also asserted that African governments have to exploit the potential of women and young people of their countries and get their people more involved.

Giving the example of his country, Kenya, he asserted that « young people and women have more and more their role to play in the management of the country« .

The Kenyan president moreover declared that the emancipation of Africa is based on the exchanges between African States even if the continent establishes links with other foreign countries.

  Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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