Arts: Beninese Nathalie MILTAT launched ORISHA Prize

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The final phase of the first edition of the ORISHA Prize will take place on 2nd October 2014 at the Piasa auction house in Paris (France). Organized by the Beninese collector, Nathalie MILTAT in association with Timothée CHAILLOU (director of the Prize), the ORISHA Prize promotes the work of the young artists from sub-Saharan Africa. For this first edition, an allocation for 10000 in support to two personal exhibitions is kept for the prize-winner.

For this first edition, Nathalie MILTAT’s team can congratulate themselves. The ORISHA Prize got worthy supports. The former French international, Lilian Thuram, the Zinsou foundation, and several famous names of the artistic world joined the event that includes visual arts in all their diversity (painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video…).

The Prize is opened to the living sub-Saharan African artists or having lived in Africa. The latter must not have done large-scale monographic exhibition in the main places of valuation of contemporary art and must not be represented by an international gallery.

At the end of a selection process subdivided into two phases, the prize-winner will be appointed on 2nd October 2014 during the preview of the African Stories sale at the Piasa auction house in Paris, indicated us the communication department of the Prize.

The Prize will allow the prize-winner to benefit from a financial support for 10.000 euros helping him in the production of works for both personal exhibitions that will be done in Africa and France.

Nathalie MILTAT was born on 23rd April 1965 in Benin. She was certified in the sub-Saharan arts at the School of Louvre and Sorbonne. Married, she shares her activities between architecture and contemporary art projects. Nathalie MILTAT created in 2005 « La Noire Galerie » (The Black Gallery) to explore African artistic scene, then in 2012, « Appartement », to promote the international contemporary creation.

  Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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