Jimi Hope: 40 years of career, 100 paintings to exhibit!


I’ m back! Asserted Jimi Hope who is celebrating this year his four decades of career.

To celebrate the event, the Togolese artist musician, painter and sculptor plans to be on stage for a duration of « 40 years » during which, he will have to explore his 15 albums on the coming 24th October in the luxurious room of the Grand Rex in Lomé.

« It is now that I am going to realize certain things. I have at least another 10 years to be do in music and art« , indicated Jimi Hope during the launching ceremony of his 40 years activities.

Jimi Hope moreover announced that « he is back to reconquer the Togolese public and help the young generation of Togolese artists to emerge« .

« I know the Togolese music. It is not auto-tunes that are going to frighten me. I am back to put order in the system« , the artist moreover underlined.

Joining thus the much desired circle of artists having completed 40 long successful years of career, Jimi Hope will seize the opportunity to exhibit approximately 100 paintings, works that draw back his career path.

Koffi Sénaya alias Jimi Hope is an artist who has played worldwide with his guitar.

He presented concerts in the United States, Canada, Europe and in several other countries of Africa among which Togo, his country of origin.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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