Rabat and Libreville: in the avant-garde of the fight against unemployment


Taking the floor last Thursday in Rabat in the opening of the Morocco-Gabon first Forum for employment, the Gabonese Minister for Labor, Employment and Vocational training, Simon Ntoutoume Emane (photo), indicated that his country and Morocco are thus in the avant-garde of the fight against unemployment in order to promote economic and social development of the African continent.

For Mr. Ntoutoume Emane, « we should make of Africa a strong economy, based on the human investment and capable of attracting investments of strong added value with better living conditions for our populations« .

In order to achieve this, he called on to the beginning of a second phase of globalization in which goods and capitals will more give way to social and human rights.

The Gabonese Minister also specified that « employment is a precious good » for the society and favor the fight against going deeply into social gaps, economic imbalance and various forms of precariousness.

Sharing the same visions as his Gabonese counterpart, the Moroccan Minister of Employment and Social affairs, Abdeslam Seddiki has, for his part, reassured that his department will do its best in order to promote employment of young Moroccan and Gabonese in Gabon.

He claimed to be ready to support these young people through vocational trainings facilitating their insertion in the Gabonese market.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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