Morocco: the « faceless child » is going to be finally operated

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The pictures Yahya El Jabaly, been born faceless further to a prenatal complication preventing his bones from forming normally, made the tour of social networks.

And condolence and SOS messages come from all sides throughout the world to help this Moroccan 3 year-old little boy to have a normal face and to bloom like other children of his age.

Fortunately, « the faceless child » is finally going to undergo a plastic surgery operation next December in a hospital of Melbourne, Australia.

It is Doctor Tony Holmes who agreed to operate the young boy after taking him back to Australia where he underwent a series of scanners and MRI to know if the operation was possible.

The operation is possible but entails risks all the same; the child could indeed die during this operation.

Dr Holmes is going to join both parts of the skull of Yahia as well as create him a nose from his own skin. Yahia can then speak after this plastic surgery.

We wish full success to this surgical operation.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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