Burkina Faso: cohabitation, a bygone age; we should get married !

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The second edition of the International Marriage Fair of Ouagadougou (SIMO) was held from 26th to 28th September in the capital town of Burkina Faso around the theme: « inconveniences of cohabitation in the society« .

According to Lilyane Maïga, promoter of the event, the idea is to try by all means in order to promote marriage.

On this occasion, a collective marriage was thus offered to couples living together.

It was during the « the Seduction Evening« , a glamorous evening, a key activity of SIMO, that helped many single men and women to meet and couples that mutually declared poems to themselves to make marriage requests.

According to organizers, the time is no more for cohabitation with its entire corollary of problems but marriage for all.

This, for a more serene and more peaceful society and a socioeconomic development of Burkina Faso

We should note that this edition of SIMO gathered during three days, marriage providers and was marked by an exhibition & sale on all the businesses connected to marriage: decoration, sewing, hairstyle, restoration…

Open conferences were presented with marriage guidance counselors; an entertainment space was also opened throughout this meeting.

Besides, trainings were offered regarding wedding organization, factual decoration and beauty care.

A reality show called « My dream marriage » was the occasion for a competition staging couples putting at stake an amount of one million FCFA.

For caution against Ebola virus, the organizers of SIMO chose to avoid the participation of foreign countries in this edition.

Even if partnerships have been established for months and they would like the internationalization of the show, organizers considered that it is better not to create risky situations for the participants.


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