DHL Express: certified Top Employers 2015 in Africa


DHL Express sub-Saharan Africa got the Top Employers Certification for excellent working conditions offered to its staff in Africa.

This Top Employers Certification is added to the one obtained in six African countries (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana) for their respective local markets.

An independent study carried out by Top Employers Institute showed that DHL Express supplies exceptional working conditions to its staff. It is one of the rare companies to obtain the Top Employers Africa 2015 exclusive Certification in various regions of Africa in which it operates.

According to Charles Brewer, managing director of DHL Express sub-Saharan Africa, this certification rewards efforts deployed by the company in favor of commitment, development and training of its employees on the African continent.

Top Employers is an annual international program that certifies organizations offrering exceptional working conditions and environment to their employees.

This program is based at the same time on audits and studies that evaluate working conditions offered to staff as well as possibilities of professional development that are offered to them.

Mr. Brewer indicated that this recognition testifies the will of DHL Express to make sure of the motivation of its employees that represent an essential element of the company’s strategy.

Top Employers Institute evaluated the working conditions offered by DHL Express to its employees on the basis of several criteria among which, talents management strategy, staff planning, employees’ training and improvement, performances management, executives improvement, careers and succession, allowances and services as well as corporate culture management.

The independent study registered excellent working conditions of DHL Express staff in all the certified countries.

Judith Oude Sogtoen, international business development manager at Top Employers Institute indicated: « we grant a great importance to any recognition awarded by an external organization and we are convinced that it confirms our position as an international specialist in Africa« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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