Mohamed IV Museum: an innovation in Morocco


Morocco has since Wednesday, 8th October, its first modern and contemporary art museum called Mohamed IV. The inauguration of the building was performed by the king of the kingdom who intends to make of Rabat, a « cultural center ».

The cost of the new museum is estimated at 17 million euros. For the moment, no precision is given onto its operating budget. The first exhibition the new museum shelters is called « 1914-2014: 100 years of creation« . It is composed of private collections (among which those from the king) and those from more than 150 Moroccan artists.

Mehdi Qotbi, the president of the National Foundation of Museums indicated that the museum will also shelter the exhibition « Contemporary Morocco » inaugurated on Tuesday in Paris. We should remind that this exhibition fascinated the French president, François Hollande for whom the event remains exceptional.

« An exceptional event by its scale because for the first time, an exhibition took up all the spaces of the Institute of the Arab world, exceptional by its object because it is ambitious of presenting all the facets of the Moroccan ceration, exceptional finally because Paris, this autonomous, will be in the colors of Morocco with « Medieval Morocco » in Louvre, Tanger à la Gaïté Lyrique, Icham Berrad au 104, the Moroccan music to Theâtre de la Ville« , he declared.

Mohamed IV Museum will also be a training center. According to France 24, partnerships are established with institutions as Louvre à Paris or the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and Mediterranean Sea (Mucem) in Marseille to train new skills and organize joint exhibitions.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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