Ebola: Mory Kanté, Tiken, Salif Keita and Sangaré joining their voice


On the initiative of Mory Kanté, four stars of African music composed two singles within the framework of the fight against Ebola, an epidemic that killed more than 4 000 people in West Africa.

According to Mory Kanté, the Ivorian, Tiken Jah Fakoly and the Malian, Salif Keita and Oumou Sangaré particularly participated in the composition of the songs without counting other resident musicians in France.

From Paris and met at Mohamed V International Airport of Casablanca, Mory Kanté promised tours at international level after the release of singles on disc market to make sensitive, on one hand and call on to the mobilization around Ebola fever on the other hand.

Mory Kanté, with his fifty years of international career, declared to be convinced that if everybody gets involved and helps each other, the whole world will succeed in eradicating the disease.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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