Fernand Kouamé: «the future of Africa lies in Pan-Africanism»


The Junior Chamber International, Dakar alliance, organized an Applicant day this weekend. Fernand KOUAME, Executive President 2014 for JCI Dakar Alliance exhorted African youth to cultivate Pan-Africanism.

He besides denounced the closure of borders undertaken by certain States having as reason the fight against Ebola virus.

« We cannot develop Africa by closing borders. The future of Africa is in Pan-Africanism« , he declared.

For him, no need to make a historic reminiscence before knowing that Africans have the same history.

« What would be convenient to know is that every generation has its own history. It is the duty of any generation to write its history. It is possible for Africa to be the continent of the future. For this purpose, it is imperious to dare and be citizens endowed with a positive passion because nothing big is achieved without passion. We have to look for African identity through the establishment of a pan-Africanist vision and a deep conviction in our dreams« .

The Junior Chamber International appears today as the springboard on which African youth and public authorities could lean to build up new citizens socially responsible for development of Africa in a pan-Africanist vision.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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