Ebola: Koffi Olomidé arrested in DR of Congo

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Koffi Olomidé le 16 août 2012. (Photo Junior Khanna. AFP)
Koffi Olomidé le 16 août 2012. (Photo Junior Khanna. AFP)

Grand Mopao still draws attention. The Congolese artist, accustomed to police stations, was arrested on Tuesday to have chosen a nickname that Congolese police does appreciate. Koffi Olomidé made him called « Vieux Ebola » (Old Ebola) on a banner announcing his next concert. Ebola killed 50 people in DR of Congo and this new naming of the Congolese artist is in contrast with the message by the authorities of the country.

At the time when the whole world is powerless in front of the uncontrolled spreading of Ebola virus disease, the new nickname of Koffi Olomidé is not welcomed. According to figures published by the World Health Organization, 9.216 cases have been registered since the start of the disease. The arrestation of Koffi Olomidé preceded his three month deferred sentence of imprisonment condemnation. He was accused of aggravated assault on his producer. According to Liberation Magazine, Koffi Olomidé was also indicted in 2012 by the French justice for rape and detention but had left the country before the judge took his decision.

In Togo, lawyers of a cultural promoter accuse the Congolese singer for non-compliance with his commitments. Expected in Lomé for a concert, the artist would have touched a part of his fees and travel expenses of his staff before disappearing in the nature the day of the concert.

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