Accommodation: Bruno Dogbe, cantor of real-estate cooperatives

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The demand in decent accommodation is more and more strong in Africa with the appearance of a new middle class. In order to meet the needs of these new purchasing power holders, the Togolese, Charles Bruno Dogbe, manager of CCI Patrimoine PF Company, proposes the creation of real-estate cooperatives on the continent. In an interview granted to Econfin agency, he explained the concept that seems new under tropics.

« We base on the principle that, it is easier « to build in group » than doing it individually. For this purpose, the future owners gather themselves through a Civil society Housing Association (S.C.C.C), that is a legal, economic and financial organization that can only sell in an absolutely property, its accommodations to its future members.

The future owners, all holders of shares of the cooperative company, finance their building as they would do it for a single-family dwelling. The starting up of the building works occurs only when the bookings reach 70 % to 100 % of the portions to be sold« , he indicated on the site of Acofin Agency.

For the Senegalese-Togolese businessman, although real-estate cooperative allows its members to become owners of low-cost building, it does not affect the quality of the works. The initiative already fascinates several countries.

« We have projects in progress in several African countries where we operate as delegated founders (Togo, DR of Congo and Niger) or as main actor as it is the case in Chad and Congo« , clarified

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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