Gabon: the Prime Minister raised to the rank of Commander within OIPA

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The Gabonese Prime Minister, Daniel Ona Ondo, is very latest promoted by OIPA / CAMES. He was raised last 27th October to the rank of Commander in the International Order.

The Head of government was decorated at the end works of the Council of Ministers of African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (Cames) that Libreville, the capital town, has just hosted.

Apparently moved by this sign of gratitude, Daniel Ona Ondo did not hide his immense honor and pride to have been so honored by this distinction. He declared that it is the fruit of hard work.

He afterward underlined that he will do his utmost to bear higher the torch of higher education and research.

For him, « wealth is made by Men« .

Since the creation of this distinction, about 435 personalities working for the construction of higher education of quality already benefited from this sign of gratitude, reminded the high chancellor of OIPA Cames.

« Professor teaching and research by training, qualified teacher by Cams, dean then vice-chancellor of UOB, moreover Minister of Education, the current Gabonese Prime Minister is an experimented academic whose dimension inspires excellence and talent revealing for the development of knowledge economy that Africa so much needs« , he underlined.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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