Cinema in Senegal: about ten movies shot in 2014


The figure delights people as ten (10) movies to be put to the asset of the cinema in Senegal for the year 2014 ending in some few days.

It is a good report on behalf of the competent authorities that note a blooming of the cinematographic industry.

« In spite of the crisis, the Senegalese film production positively prospers« , asserted lats Saturday in Dakar, Hugues Dias, Managing director of the Cinematography, underlining that the objective of the State is to succeed in creating a market of cinema.

« Although there is no subsidy, independent producers were able to emerge and during the year 2014 only, we registered about ten movies« , added the latter.

Mr. Dias made this declaration during a press briefing in prelude for the launching of the special edition of the boosting of the Film Meetings of Dakar (RECIDAK).

The meeting takes place from 16th to 20th December 2014 simultaneously in Dakar, the capital town, Louga (North), Ziguinchor, Sédhiou (South) and Koungheul (western Center).

The RECIDAK will be punctuated by movie projections, workshops, meetings and exchanges, forums and live performances.

They are an opportunity of animation, exchanges and national and international film and audiovisual consecrations.

Hugues Dias specified that the year 2015 is going to constitute a transition year for the RECIDAK.

« Recidak will no more be the privilege of the State. That is why, an advisory board and an executive general delegation will be set up between February and March, 2015« , announced Mr. Dias.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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