Ivory Coast: the First Lady raised to rank of the UNAIDS Ambassadress


It is at the same time a sign of gratitude and a great honor for Mrs. Dominique Ouattara for her commitment for the elimination of the HIV / AIDS through her foundation « Children Of Africa« .

In fact, the Ivorian First Lady was raise, on Thursday evening, to the rank of the Special Ambassadress of the United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS) for the elimination of the HIV transmission from the mother to the child by her Executive director, Michel Sidibé.

The ceremony took place in the presence of her husband, the Head of State, Alassane Ouattara as well as the chairmen of institutions and several members of Ivorian government.

Justifying the choice of the recipient, Michel Sidibé pointed out Dominique Ouattara’s multiple humanitarian pragmatic and boosting actions in favor of disadvantaged women and children.

According to Mr. Sidibé, this distinction was not by the UNAIDS will only but by the whole UNAIDS family.

« The 11 agencies sponsored by the UNAIDS approved it« , he specified, underlining that the appointment is « in conformance with the special ambassadress of the UNAIDS for the promotion of the HIV pediatric treatment« .

In return, Mrs. Ouattara declared that Michel Sidibé knew how to brilliantly mark with his « dynamism » to the institution he manages.

« Under your guidance, the global fight committed against the AIDS is bearing fruit, mainly thanks to a coalition at the size of the evil, that you form by gathering all the energies favorable to the cause« , appreciated Mrs, Ouattara.

« I will give green light to any actions directed against the HIV / AIDS transmission from the mother to the child in Ivory Coast, in Africa or in the world; I am committed to this fight and I shall stay stuck to it until we can offer a childhood without AIDS to our children« , indicated the Ivorian First Lady, paying tribute to all those who supported her in this adventure.

Kindly note that the special new Ambassadress of the UNAIDS moreover received a trophy.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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