Senegal: TV programs at 90% African soon

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Doing so that « the African culture represents 90 % of the contents of the TV programs broadcasted by the Senegalese channels« , it is henceforth the objective set by the Senegalese Minister of Culture and Communication, Mbagnick Ndiaye.

Regretting the profusion of serials in the cultural programs of the channels of his country, the Minister announced that he was going to undertake actions to change the situation.

First of all, the man in charge of the culture and the communication in the government of president Macky Sall, indicated that he will meet the persons in charge of televisions « to bring them to revise their cultural programs« .

In his opinion, it is important to organize « the religious culture and the other forms of cultural expression« .

This change planned in Senegal is going to contribute more to the promotion of the African movie productions, Senegalese mainly.

These productions inspired by the African realities, will be proposed instead of the productions based on Western, Mexican, Portuguese, Spanish, and even Asian realities.

To his mind, movies realized by Senegalese or African film-makers are culturally richer for the African public than the serials.

In the same line of promoting the culture of his country and indirectly, African; Mr. Ndiaye also notified that he intends to work at a greater use of the local languages on the Senegalese media.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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