Senegal: Wari, Western Union and Moneygram leaders in money transfer

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In Senegal, two main money transfer services the most used are Wari and Western Union, according to the Africa communication cabinet, in an evaluation note for the quality of the money transfer services in Senegal, recently realized.

The study confirmed that the Senegalese, considered as a whole or grouped in the various localities, are regular users of the money transfer services.

It shows that the cash money is the transfer means the most used by those who send or receive money, with a quotation rate of more than 95 %.

« The cash money is followed by the mobile transfer that is making its way among the money transfer means« , revealed the same source.

The well-known money transfer services the most used are Wari and Western Union followed by MoneyGram in the third position.

Still according to the study, the low use of certain money transfer services is largely explained by a lack of information about their product.

On another hand, the surveyors raise that 30 % of the amounts received via the money transfer services result from the beneficiaries’ brothers or sisters, 20 % from their father or mother and 14 % from their husband or wife.

Beyond the family circle, the money transfer is also used in the occupational environment by sending money by colleagues or customers. Besides money transfers within Senegal, the report points out important transfers coming from France, Italy, Spain and the United States.

In Africa, countries such as Gabon, Mali and Morocco also constitute a considerable source of money transfer.

The survey on the evaluation about the quality of the money transfer services was carried out by teams of the Africa communication cabinet that crossed the localities of Dakar, Thiès, Saint-Louis, Louga, Matam, Touba, Kaolack and Mbour.


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