Arafat: his concert in Paris not huge as expected!

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Saying that the musical show that DJ Afrafat gave on 20th December of this year in Paris was not successful would a little bit be an exaggeration as far as the King of the Coupé Décalé managed all the same to fill the room of Dock Pullman (Aubervilliers) at 2/3.

But it is important to underline that many bet that the room would be over crowded due to his celebrity and all the buzz around the announcement of this event considered as the very first Yorobo great concert in France.

We should moreover be noted that small incidents almost spoiled the party. First of all, it was the absence of Arafat’s dancers for lack visas.

Then occurred the incident between Arafat and Zougloumakers who were guest stars. Arafat would have prevented the zouglou group from playing live supporting that he was the one in the spotlight.

According to the witnesses of the event, it would have required the intervention of A’salfo, the leader of the Magic System group, for everything to come back to normal again.

As a matter of fact, 5500, 8500, 10500, 12500 and 100000 volts of Yorobo were not able to produce the necessary energy to make of this event a boosting concert.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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