Togo football Awards 2014: Alaixys Romao, Wome Dové… find out the prize-winners

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The curtain came down on Saturday, 27th December 2014 on the tenth edition of Togo Football Awards, the award ceremony that distinguishes the best actors of the Togolese football. For the second consecutive year, the young midfielder at SuperSport United (South Africa) won the trophy of the Best player playing in an African championship. The midfielder at the Olympic of Marseille, Alaixys Romao, won for his part the award of the best Togolese player in a European championship.

Africa Top Success gives the list of the prize-winners of the 10th edition of Togo Football Awards

1. The champion team D3 season 2013-2014: Hirondelle FC of Kouvé
2. The Health Foot champion team D2 season 2013-2014: Kotoko of Lavié
3. Best team of the military championship: the firemen team
4. The champion team D1 season 2013-2014: Sémassi of Sokodé
5. Best young player of the championship D1 season 2013-2014: Ouro-Niné Faozamè
6. Best trainer of the championship D1 season 2013-2014: Ayivi Ekuevi at As Togo port
7. Best Referee season 2013-2014: Konyon Komi
8. Best striker of the championship saison 2013-2014: Dosseh Koffi at Dyto and Moukaila Djarikaka at ASKO of Kara
9. Best Togolese player playing in an African championship: Womé Dové                          10. Best Togolese player playing in a European championship: Alaixys Romao

Special prizes:
· Synbank
· Old glories Tournament
· Oscars of merit for the football career in Togo: Tommy Géraldo Sylvestre, the former goalkeeper in the national team
·Tthe First African coordinator for the finale of a world cup: the Ghanaian, Anthony Baffoé (Brazil in 2014).


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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