Kenya: resumption of the food aid to the refugees

3. Refugees huddle underneath a blanket against the rain on the outskirts of Ifo camp while waiting for relocation to Ifo Extension.

The World Food Program (WFP) announced on Tuesday that they are going to start again in January, the distribution of complete daily food rations to the refugees in Kenya further to the new financing from the investors. It is what reported the APA agency.

Last month, WFP was forced to reduce by 50 % the daily food rations intended for the refugees while the UN agency fought to raise funds for 38 million dollars to cover its humanitarian aid operations in favor of the refugees in the camps of Dadaab and Kakuma for the next six months.

WFP distributes food twice per month to approximately half-million refugees in these two camps situated in the North of Kenya.

The UNO department indicated that it received an important support from governmental partners amounting to 45 million dollars.

The survival of the refugees depends upon the food aid and we are happy that we can now supply one more time to the needs in complete food of refugees of Dadaab and Kakuma, as it is read in a communiqué published by Thomas Hansson, WFP Acting director in Kenya.

The more than 500 000 refugees receive cereal, legumes, vegetable oil, salt and flour rich in nutriments consisted of mixed corn-soya, offering so 2 100 calories per person and daily, representing the recommended daily calorie intake.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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