Dinama Nekh: the successful Senegalese series!

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The Senegalese TV film « Dinama Nekh« , a production by SenTv remains the relaxing time slot of laughter during evenings after hard works.

Broadcasted in French for several weeks on the Great African Channel, A+, Dinama Nekh tells the everyday life of two Senegalese girls, Daro and Mounass (photo) who are for the permanent search for easy profits.

They thus opt for the collection of men having a priori a comfortable financial situation or rather a high social class; what will allow them meeting their needs from the hair to the toes even to purchase a box of matches.

Money lovers, Mounass and her friend Daro do not lack of ideas to entice their preys that are only important personalities of the country, celebrities in the musical scene, business managers, private individuals, etc.

All the means are good to also extort money from the shopkeeper of the area, the taxi driver, even the owner of the house in which they are accommodated.

Daro plays the role of the accomplice, interested friend and opportunist of Mounass. Sometimes, they reach their goals but sometimes, they pay heavy.

Dose of laughter, immediate retort, trick skillfully put in foul plays, swindle quickly and efficiently conducted; this is roughly the contents that in Dinama Nekh, the series the most appreciated at present in Senegal and which makes the happiness of the millions of households in the West-African sub-region.

Dinama Nekh is shot with actors namely: Anne Maimouna, Daro Thiam, Alioune Mbaye, Diop Mbaye, Fall Adja, Fari Mbaye, Sarr Fode.

The season 1 of the series continues on A+ every Wednesday evening, repeated on every Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

Africa Top Success’s editorial staff proposes you the episode 6 of the Season 1. And it is in Mbarane mode please.

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