Ali Bongo: The truth on his nationality at last…

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Several months ago, the identity of the Gabonese president, Ali Bongo is questioned by the French investigative journalist, Pierre Péan, who supports that the guarantor today of the institutions of the Republic and who occupies the noble function, the Head of the Gabonese State, is not a Nigerian but Gabonese citizen rather. The latter sets forth that he was adopted by his late father, Omar Bongo Ondimba. And by the way, the opposition took it as a pretext.

The news is embarrassing and requires a clarification from the concerned on his real identity. Well, in an interview granted to France 24 on 12th January 2015, Ali Bongo fully shed light on this case.

« What is funny and sad at the same time in a case as this, it is that the Gabonese expect a debate other than that on the origins of the President. My origins, they really know them; the Gabonese witnessed my birth and saw me grow up« , he declared.

The Head of State asked his detractors to bring out the proof of the fact that he is Nigerian (Biafra) rather than Gabonese.

« It is their concern to prove that I am not whom I am, that I am not the son of Omar Bongo. They are the one to show that I come from Biafra. Who saw me over there? Who went there to look for me, who brought me? They have to show it. I have a family and my family members recognize me as such. If my father adopted me, he would have said it. Why would he have hidden it?« , wonders Mr. Bongo.

The Gabonese president blames the French journalist, Pierre Péan of having written what he wrote because not having obtained what he wished to hear from him on Omar Bongo.

« He came to Libreville telling me that he wanted to do a work on my father (Omar Bongo), the great man he was; thus he wanted to restore the truth and he came to meet me … He asked for my assistance and help. We agreed we would be talking about later, it was my last time to see him« , he explains.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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4 thoughts on “Ali Bongo: The truth on his nationality at last…

  1. Ali bongo is a king made by his father the former president there’s nothing absolutely nothing anyone or opposition party can do about it adopted or not

  2. Who that cap fits let them wear it.if Obama can be the president of the United States of America how much more bongo from the great race of Africa ndi Igbo

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