Freedom of Movement: Lomé in spotlight from 23rd to 31st January 2015


Lomé is getting ready to welcome from 23rd to 31st January 2015, the second edition of the international drama festival entitled « Freedom of movement« . Togolese, West-African and European companies are expected in the cultural meeting that evokes the problems of immigration.

« The first edition was a success because it got the participation of several actors from various countries on various themes. At the end of every show, there are debates around the questions of visas, immigration with poignant testimonies from deportees and expatriates« , indicated Venceslas TOMMY, Manager of the festival.

The « Freedom of movement » Festival aims to be rich in training workshops, a reflection, talks and debates center, in the line of consciousness awakening and to make sensitive the populations of all ages and all horizons.

Besides the theater presentations, there are movie projections, dance shows and an opening concert, all related to the same theme of the freedom of movement.

Through art and exchange, the festival tries to concretize the ideal of a world without physical border where all the peoples can have the same chance to settle down as they can.

Managed by Mytro Nunya Cultural Center of Lomé and the Togolese theater company, Awawlui, the « Freedom of movement » festival is looking for supports from goodwill people.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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