Ginger: «whatsapp killer» in Africa?


Launched in 2014, Ginger is the application for mobile messaging conceived by Africans and that reflects the realities of the continent the best. Having the same functionalities as Whatsapp (messaging, calls…), Ginger goes farther with emoticons 100 % African. It also has jargons peculiar to certain African countries as « tchrouuuu« , « valaba » or « you are kpata dèh« .

Already available on Android, Ginger is henceforth compatible with iOS mobiles. Easy to install, the application has a clear and attractive interface. According to certain African sites, « Ginger abounds in an enormous potential and could be « whatsapp killer » within the African community ».

For this purpose, the promoters of the application have to convince the Africans for its use. Ginger is underestimated by the public, what explains its low rate of use by the Africans. Other difficulty, the application requires successful smartphones. Ginger is only compatible with iOS 7 (at least) and with iPhones 4.

Ginger is a product of PI LAB, a start-up of the People Input Company created in 2002 in Senegal and available in Ivory Coast and Cameroon.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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