AFCON 2015: find out the reward for the winner!


Sixteen (16) African countries are competing for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2015 which kick-off was given on Saturday, 17th January 2015 in Equatorial Guinea.

Divided into four groups, the teams of the 16 countries will compete with great enthusiasm to succeed to Nigeria, a big absentee of the tournament.

The Confederation African of Football (CAF) has moreover, revealed the competition awards. Besides, an amount of one million five hundred thousand dollars or 750 million FCFA will go to the winner.

The CAF communicated the distribution of the prizes of the AFCON 2015. 10 million dollars or 5 billion FCFA will be shared between the 16 teams according to their performances in the competition.

Here below with the distribution list shown by the Ivoian magazine, Go Magazine

  • Winner: 1. 500.000 dollars or 750 million FCFA
  • Finalist: 1. 000.000 dollars or 500 million FCFA
  • Winner of the match for the 3rd position: 750. 000 dollars or 375 million FCFA
  • Looser of the match for the 3rd position: 750. 000 dollars or 375 million FCFA
  • ¼ final: 600. 000 dollars or 300 million FCFA
  • 3rd position of each group: 500. 000 dollars or 250 million FCFA
  • 4th position of each group: 400. 000 dollars or 200 million FCFA


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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