Cameroon: 85 million FCFA for the digitalization of early music

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In order to archive music documents especially the old glories of the country, a German-Cameroonian project started in June 2012 and came to an end on 20th January 2015 with the digitalization of more than 2000 sound tracks and 10.000 songs.

This partnership signed between the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy in Cameroon and the Crtv has for main goal, the digitalization of disks and sound tracks in the archives of the Cameroonian National Channel (Crtv – radio).

According to the press department of the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy in Cameroon, these archives of Crtv-radio contain « among others treasuries of the Cameroonian music of several decades, endangered today.

The project that was spread out over about three years benefited from the technical cooperation of the University of Bayreuth in Germany ».

Thus, more than 2000 of these sound tracks and 10.000 mostly unpublished songs, covering the period going from 1960 to the middle of the 1980s, were digitized and secured for the posterity.

This backup project of the Cameroonian music was coordinated for the University of Bayreuth by Pr. Wolfgang Bender, ethnologist of music at the IWALEWA-Haus of Bayreuth.

Launched within the framework of a German-Cameroonian project, this initiative aims at protecting the local cultural heritage.

No marketing of this music is envisaged in the project. Nevertheless, the Cameroonian population can discover and listen free of charge to this Cameroonian music recently digitized through the implementation of a terminal in the hall of the national Crtv-radio in Yaoundé.


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