Kolani: operated with success!


Suffering from a rare congenital malformation (meningoencephalocele), the little Togolese boy, Natalma Kolani of 6 months old, was successfully operated Tuesday by neurosurgeons at the Haunersche Kinderklinik clinic in Munich, Germany.

The news is revealed by Dr. Michel Kodom, founder and chairman of Aimes Afrique NGO that recently launched a call for solidarity in favor of the child that was under the full support of the NGO.

The surgery lasted more than 4 hours, said the same source that added that Nat Kolani is currently in intensive care for a few weeks.

« One of the important steps is also the post-operative phase. So this is an opportunity to remind you to continue sending your donations. God will repay you tenfold », launched again Dr. Kodom.

Donations continue to be received directly at Aimes Afrique.

By cheque: 7090141407717001 Swift Code ECOCTGTG RIB 60

By bank transfer: ECOBANK Aimes-Afrique (NAT Kolani)

Phone: + 228 23 20 15 15


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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