Women entrepreneurs: pocket 20 000 dollars cash!


You are an enterprising woman and you manage a company with great potential of growth. Well, Cartier Women’s Initiative, an international annual competition of business plans, is opened to you.

According to the promoters of the prize, the ambition is to help and support the women entrepreneurs’ initiatives.

The mission of Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is triple, namely: identify and support women entrepreneurs in the initial development phase of their company by a financial contribution and coaching; encourage the entrepreneurial mind by developing models of entrepreneurial success; create an international women entrepreneurs network and encourage the sharing of experiences and the mutual support.

The competition is opened to women of any countries, any nationalities and any sectors.

The prize-winners will benefit from one year personalized support, a financing for twenty (20) thousand dollars, a media visibility as well as an invitation to the Women’s Forum.

Any application should be completed on-line and in English. The candidates should fill the on-line application form: https://application-form.cartierwomensinitiativ e.com

The deadline of participation is fixed on 27th February 2015 at 10 am, French time.

The project submitted to Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards must be: an original project of new business start-up in initial development phase (between one and three years of existence) and managed by a woman.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME 


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