Burkina Faso: Michel Kafando reveals his monthly salary


The President of transition, Michel Kafando, revealed his monthly salary during a meeting with his citizens living in Ethiopia on 29th, outside the 24th summit for the Heads of States of the African Union, reported Burkina24.

He declared to have an average monthly salary of 1 500 000 FCFA. He declared that this amount « is within the framework of the reduction of the lifestyle of the State« .

The on-line newspaper underlined that in an article by Sidwaya dating 22nd December 2008, the amount of the monthly salary of the Head of State was fixed at 1 672 000 FCFA , in addition to an allowance of 750 000 FCFA and free access to necessities of life (water, electricity, housing, etc.)


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME 



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