Ecobank: new condemnation in Lomé

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Day after day, things become more complicated for the Pan-African bank, Ecobank. After its condemnation in Ivory Coast by the commercial court of Abidjan in the case opposing it to its former manager, Thierry Tanoh, the group based in Togo is one more condemned in Lomé in another case still opposing it to the same Tanoh.

The Pan-African Ecobank bank is ordered to pay to its former managing director, Thierry Tanoh, 5,7 billion FCFA. This was the decision taken by the labor court of Lomé that just agreed with the General Secretary of the presidency of Ivory Coast. Thierry Tanoh accused his former employer of unfair dismissal. The Pan-African group does not intend to give up. It has just lodged an appeal.

Before this decision, the commercial court of Abidjan had already ordered the Ecobank group to pay 17 billion FCFA to Tanoh. The latter complained at the Ivorian jurisdictions for defamation.

The group in a communiqué relayed by Africa Top Success, indicated that it planned to lodge an appeal. We shall come back to that.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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