Elections postponed in Nigeria: ECOWAS relieved!

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The West African countries leaders appreciated the postponement of the general elections in Nigeria, calling on all political actors to respect the decision from the electoral commission of this country, declared on Monday in a press release from the commission of the Economic Community of the West African States (ECOWAS).

The regional block said to have taken note of the decision from the Independent National Election Commission of the country (INEC) to postpone the general elections planned on 14th February to the new date of 28th March and the elections of the governors and the members of parliament of the federal States planned on 28th February to the new date of 11th April because of the security problems this country of West Africa is going through.

« While recognizing the concerns and the disappointments of the Nigerians and the other stakeholders regarding this postponement, the ECOWAS calls on all the political actors to honestly accept it« , added the communiqué from the ECOWAS.

The West African leaders called on the Nigerian security services to stay devoted in orderto restore a normal situation in the North-east of Nigeria, where the Boko Haram movement turns out difficult to fight.

The regional block also encouraged the Nigerian election board to take advantage of this postponement to complete all the preparation measures of the elections, and particularly the distribution of polling cards to allow free and credible elections.

The ECOWAS underlines the necessity of respecting the Constitution and encourages all the political actors to avoid any words or speech that may incite their partisans or their opponents to the violence.

The chairman of the electoral commission in Nigeria, Attahiru Jega, explained the decision of the INEC last Saturday, by declaring that this postponement of the elections caused by the current security situation was in accordance with the law.


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