Clement Klutse: the Togolese, candidate at the German general elections

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January, 15th, 2015 will remain memorable for Amatevi Clement Klutse. The Togolese has just voted for his first time as a German citizen and candidate for the general election in the district of Hamburg.

Clement was chosen by the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) to represent it. The German candidate of Togolese origin knows well his district. He has been living in Germany for 20 years. He is besides certified in economy at the University of Hamburg.

« Dear friends, I have just voted this morning at the historical moment as a candidate and a citizen. I would like to thank a lot the leaders of my Party, the CDU that gave me the great honor to appoint me as candidate. I believe to have done my best.

To you my friend, who supprted me during this adventure, I am grateful to you and THANK you from deep in my heart. Whatever the result that will come out, I am persuaded that the diversity won in this election. Thank you all. God blesses you!« , declared Clement Klutse on his Facebook page.


Original text by:Roger ADZAFO

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