Idrissa Nassa: at the head of the bank executives of Africa

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The Burkinabe banker, Idrissa Nassa, was raised at the head of the group of the managers of banks and credit institutions of Africa. This group includes the main managers of banks and credit institutions of Africa.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coris Bank International, Idrissa Nassa is reputed hard-working and rigorous.

His skills allowed the CBI to position itself as one of the main expanding banks on the continent.

The bank is moreover negotiating with the Togolese authorities for the establishment of the head office of its holding company in Togo.

In Burkina Faso, the bank possesses about thirty agencies in town and countryside and occupies 18 % of the market shares.

Idrissa Nassa is at the head of the Coris LTD holding company which is an investment company, in order to take care of the whole interests of the Coris Group.

The holding company includes four banking subsidiaries (Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Togo) and two insurance subsidiaries, a stock-exchange management subsidiary, an asset management subsidiary and an investment and consultant company.


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