Guinea: two community radios to fight ignorance on Ebola

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The fight against the Ebola virus disease in Guinea is strengthened with two community radios creation project. The first one in Forécariah and the other one in Yomou, two localities where the reluctances of the populations remain another blocking in the anti-Ebola fight.

This project is an initiative from the Rural Radio of Guinea that aims to be a sensitization strategic instrument for the populations on the epidemic.

As support for the project, the UNICEF is also will offer equipment to both community radios of which that of Forécariah will be launched this 20th February, according to the national manager of the Rural Radio of Guinea, Mrs. Hawa Camille CAMARA.

The help from the UNICEF will also concern the rehabilitation of the Mano River Union radio in Lola district.

The Guinean authorities have understood that the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the country is the consequence of the lack of sensitization and information in Forécariah and Yomou, two localities where the populations still hide the existence of the epidemic.

The initiative for the creation of community radio could make change the mentalities and begin a change of behavior in these localities.

In this fight against the epidemic, these radios will have for mission to convince the populations to adhere to the sensitization messages; another fight that will not be easy at all. But training for picked technicians and presenters is associated to this project. We then expect to get good results.


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